How it Works

How It Works

  1. After receiving the order, OmniSure outlines the services that their insurance partner [You!] have made available to them by way of a welcome letter.
  2. OmniSure sends your client an activation email with their username and password to give them complete access to the comprehensive online resource center.
  3. To help promote “top of mind awareness” your client begins receiving free and useful information – quick-tip videos, tool kits, webinars, links to up-to-date data or examples of implementation guidelines.
  4. If a desktop or onsite service is ordered, an OmniSure specialist consultant initiates personal contact with your client to schedule service. You are welcome to participate in the consultation. All specialists are assigned based on experience with the type of insured or specific needs and not simply by geography.
  5. OmniSure tracks the return on investment, measuring effectiveness, satisfaction, and continuously improving service and quality.