Insurance Partners


OmniSure gives you, the risk management broker, a big competitive advantage for your client with access to our comprehensive, proactive services. You also have access to the clinical help and guidance your clients need, when they need it most – in the midst of a crisis. Surveys show our services are extremely valuable and policyholders say it influences their decision at policy renewal time.

OmniSure Consulting Group has an excellent health care risk management program. Not only do they provide on-site best practice assessments, training, and other support for my client hospitals, they have been responsive throughout the policy term when my insureds had risk management questions or needed support during an event. Their web-based resources, e-news, webinars, and other offerings are well received, too. I’ve found OmniSure to be cost-sensitive and flexible; willing to change to meet my needs and requests.
Pamela Kirks, Vice President, Wells Fargo Insurance Services



OmniSure has been extremely beneficial on these ASCOA Surgery Centers. You are to be commended on your excellent service and response time. These Surgery Centers are very impressed when dealing with OmniSure as of course I am. As always, you are the best! Thanks so much.
Sheila Boatman, U.S. Risk

Insurance Carriers

OmniSure partners with insurance carriers and program managers to reduce risk and prevent lawsuits to improve everyone’s bottom line. We make YOU look good – and that can be a very valuable return on investment. Our specialized risk management consultants strive to preempt potentially expensive problems whenever possible. A high percentage of our clients say that our services are “extremely valuable” and will definitely influence their decision at renewal time.

Our experience with OmniSure has been a very beneficial partnership, not only to ourselves, but also our broker partners and our insured hospitals. All three parties have viewed the services offered by OmniSure as a great value added feature to our insurance products. On several occasions, it has been the partnership with OmniSure that has “closed the deal” on new hospital business opportunities and a few renewal programs. Their suite of risk services are top level, the risk consultants are exceptionally qualified and the level of customer/client service has been excellent.
Alan Gossard, Assistant Vice President – Underwriting, Berkley Select

Just thought you would like to know. My insured was very happy with the task list that you developed for them.
Paul Vescio, AIG

Claims – Third Party Administrators

I have worked with OmniSure for 7 years. OmniSure’s commitment to providing high standards in their loss control service and their wonderful staff has brought a better understanding of risk prevention to our clients. Their onsite risk assessments and consultations have prevented and assisted in mitigating claims. This is a group that is proactive, in touch with current changes in this industry and a pleasure to work with.
Lynda Kane, Claim Director, ESIS ProClaim