Risk Management

You can count on OmniSure to deliver the information and tools you need to reduce risk, improve performance, improve compliance, and improve your reputation in the marketplace. We’ll provide you with risk management solutions that help you avoid lawsuits, negative public exposure and costly insurance claims.

We’re risk management solutions specialists with a diverse group of consultants, and we’re here for you every step of the way.

Onsite Risk Assessments, Training, Consultation

Onsite consultations are available for risk assessments, focused reviews, training or risk management support … what you need, when you need it.

For example, an initial risk assessment includes an in-depth review of your organization’s systems for quality, compliance, risk control, and performance improvement, as well as a look at policies and procedures, employee and client selection, safety practices, the impact of organizational culture, and documentation. Following an onsite visit with a company risk assessment, you’ll receive an executive summary of findings with prioritized recommendations and suggested action plans.

Our risk management training ensures your company is prepared, no matter how large your staff may be.

Telephonic Consultation, Desktop Risk Assessments

Offsite reviews of loss control practices, documentation, protocols, and other risk factors provide a cost-sensitive alternative to onsite consulting. Based on the information provided to us electronically and through phone interviews, our team compiles a list of recommended practices and loss control tips tailored to meet your needs. Contact us to begin your risk management assessment today!

Online Self-Assessment Tools

Our online Do-It-Yourself risk analysis includes questionnaires and downloadable tools to perform self-assessments that guide you through a number of recommended practices. These risk assessment tools provide an indication of how your company compares to industry trends and regulations. This process results in tips on how to reduce risk based on responses.