Services Overview

Looking for the best risk management strategy? Then bring in a specialist. Within each of our areas of specialization – health care, senior living, human and social services, dentistry, design professionals and staffing firms – we have a deep pool of talent. Our consultants are risk management services specialists who have unique skill sets based on years of experience working in their chosen fields. We assign each specialist to meet our clients’ industry-specific needs.

What you get with OmniSure isn’t just the experience of one individual – it’s the collective wisdom of an entire team of consultants.

Risk Management

You can count on OmniSure to deliver the information and tools you need to reduce risk, improve performance, improve compliance, and improve your reputation in the marketplace. We’ll provide you with risk management solutions that help you avoid lawsuits, negative public exposure and costly insurance claims.

We’re risk management solutions specialists with a diverse group of consultants, and we’re here for you every step of the way.

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Health Care

Potential clinical implications follow every piece of health care risk management advice implemented throughout the industry. Don’t let a non-clinical safety generalist tell you how to prevent medical professional liability and workers compensation claims. Bring in the specialist for the unique type, setting, and level of care provided. OmniSure consultants are experienced clinicians with specialty-specific knowledge to help you implement patient safety, regulatory compliance, employee safety, and other provider type and setting specific risk reduction initiatives.

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Senior Living

OmniSure provides risk management services that address the unique risks inherent to your long term care facility. Our consultants have the experience and knowledge to address the needs of each facility including resident safety, quality assurance and performance improvement, compliance, professional liability, preventing and handling adverse events, employee safety and disaster preparedness.

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Human & Social Services

OmniSure consultants partner with organizations providing social services to identify and reduce risk. Our expertise includes at-risk youth, eldercare, volunteer organizations, sober living and recovery support groups.

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Design Professionals

We provide risk management for engineers, architects, and other design professionals. Our specialists bring a unique and valuable perspective to this field because they have diverse experience and expertise – including experience with public and private sectors as well as large and small projects.

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Staffing Firms

The rules and regulations surrounding the staffing industry are complex and change frequently. OmniSure specialists can help staffing firms understand and navigate rules that are often unique at the state and federal level. Our risk management support includes providing information about industry and legal trends, developing strategies for preventing problems as well as providing assistance when something goes wrong.

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Correctional Health Care

Our correctional health care experts assist you in managing risks. We tailor our consultation according to your needs.

Risk consultations can consist of:

  • Comprehensive review of processes, policies and documentation.
  • Customized report with best practice recommendations.
  • Risk management action plan.

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