Helping Avoid Surprises

For Specialty Insurance Program Managers who want to avoid surprises, OmniSure is a risk services partner that helps you protect your assets and your reputation.

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They use us to Identify and Reduce Risk

OnSight - Take a look behind the Walls

It’s impossible to know what you might be missing or what’s needed to avoid the risk of lawsuits unless a trusted specialist, one who knows where to look and what to look for, guides the process.

Don't go it alone!

Let OmniSure’s experienced team provide you with a look at what’s actually going on.

Ongoing Engagement to Identify and Address Risk

Unlike other third party service providers whose independent subcontractors do one-time assessments and move on, OmniSure consultants stay engaged to identify and address risk throughout the policy period.

"OmniSure Consulting Group has an excellent health care risk management program. Not only do they provide on-site best practice assessments, training, and other support for my client hospitals, they have been responsive throughout the policy term."

Pamela Kirks, Vice President

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