Benefits for Program Managers

At OmniSure, we do a whole lot more than report on risks to complete the file. We offer you our expertise to help build the best possible program; from consulting on the regulatory and clinical pieces of your underwriting guidelines, to partnering with markets and service providers, to selecting the best risks, and managing loss experience, OmniSure is with you every step of the way.

OmniSure’s reputation opens doors. Markets, brokers and policyholders agree – our stellar service, ongoing support, innovative RiskFit® programs, and customer-centric approach makes the difference, and often seals the deal.

Ongoing reporting and insights keep you in the know and ahead of the curve, more likely to retain the business you want and figure out what doesn’t fit. Ongoing engagement with policyholders through video tips, useful tools, and the 24/7support of our confidential helpline for advice on-demand keep you top of mind with the best risks and their brokers. Protect your business, your reputation, and your bottom line with a personalized risk management program designed just for you.


“Adding OmniSure to our Proliability services quite possibly may be one of the best business decisions I have been involved with. Great company, largely because of the leadership and staff.”

Mark Brostowitz, Sr Client Manager at Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA)

“Our firm has relied on OmniSure on numerous occasions to provide risk management resources and consulting for our clients. Her firm provides a highly valuable service that I would recommend without reservation.”

Ben Newman, Vice President, Ultra Risk Advisors

“OmniSure’s commitment to providing high standards in their loss control service and their wonderful staff has brought a better understanding of risk prevention to the group members.  Their onsite risk assessments and consultations have prevented and assisted in mitigating claims.”

Lynda Kane, Claim Director, ESIS ProClaim


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