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At OmniSure, we have a variety of assessments to choose from. Whether you need a refresher, a third party to serve as a fresh perspective, or a complete process overhaul, we can help you reduce risk while elevating care and patient outcomes in your facility.

A traditional assessment can be done in-person (onsite) or online. Either way, our network of specialists is ready to share their knowledge on safety and risk mitigation.

OnSight® Assessment

An in-person or onsite assessment allows for the most thorough evaluation and will result in the most effective recommendations. With an onsite evaluation, a specialized member of the OmniSure team will visit your facility to review your processes and procedures.

OffSight™ Assessment

An online assessment is a more cost-effective evaluation of your facility. Our specialist will review documentation and information available online or that can be sent virtually by your facility.

DocuSight® Assessment

OmniSure’s DocuSight® Risk Assessment is a one-of-a-kind confidential opportunity and tool for Operators to see firsthand how a facility’s documentation compares to the standard of care.


A self-assessment is a useful tool that OmniSure provides for facility administrators to periodically review their own processes and assign themselves a safety grade.


“OmniSure’s risk consulting services have been a key component of the success of the Communities of Faith Risk Retention Group.  We have been quite pleased with their risk management for our organization including their risk assessments, recommendations, and ongoing support.”
Godwin G. Dixon, Past President, Communities of Faith Risk Retention Group

“OmniSure has an excellent health care risk management program.  Not only do they provide on-site best practice assessments, training, and other support for my client hospitals, they have been responsive throughout the policy term when my insureds had risk management questions or needed support during an event.”
Pam Kirks, Sr. Vice President, Wells Fargo


  • Our experience with OmniSure has been a very beneficial partnership, not only to ourselves, but also our broker partners and our insured hospitals. All three parties have viewed the services offered by OmniSure as a great value added feature to our insurance products.
    Alan Gossard - Assistant Vice President, a Berkley Company
  • OmniSure’s risk management services are great! Our agents know you are proactive. You don’t just wait for the phone to ring. It really makes a difference!
    Hoppy Stauffer - National Practice Leader, Worldwide Facilities, LLC
  • The wealth of information available to insureds, coupled with the service, makes it well worth placing business through.
    Janet Frederick - J.G. Elliot Insurance Center
  • You guys must be doing something right, such a great reputation. Everywhere I go people are talking about OmniSure! A quality risk management resource has been a valuable differentiator with our clients.
    Eric Sawyer - Vice President, Worldwide Facilities

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