Benefits for Carriers

OmniSure helps insurers select, attract, and maintain better risks. For specialty insurance managers seeking insights from experts who are responsive and committed to reducing your loss experience, we are the risk services partner who will protect your business. Unlike other firms whose independent subcontractors do one-time risk assessments and move on, OmniSure stays engaged to help identify and address issues throughout the policy period.

Manage risk with more insight.

You want expertise backed by numbers. We’ve got you covered. OmniSure brings you class and setting-specific intelligence procured over more than twenty years serving highly successful insurers. Based on hundreds of thousands of policyholders, tens of thousands of assessments performed and thousands of helpline interactions logged, quick tip videos viewed, and tools created, our innovative risk management offerings have everything you need in a risk services partner to succeed.

Get ahead of potential costly problems.

OmniSure helps underwriters understand and get ahead of the trends that affect their business. We go beyond the initial risk assessment, creating and supporting an implementation plan for key recommendations. From a 24/7 helpline for advice-on-demand, training delivered to your inbox, and the ongoing support of a dedicated consultant, OmniSure is known for helping healthcare facilities improve care and reduce risk for all parties involved.

Specialized Risk Management Consultants

Not only do we have the technical expertise you need for a specific class of business, you and your policyholders benefit from the collective wisdom of a nationwide network of experts with diverse skill sets from multiple professions within healthcare and human services. Does your insured hospital struggle with how to handle inmates from the local jail? Does your insured senior care facility need the advice of a pharmacy consultant or a dietitian? Does your addiction treatment facility need a suicide prevention specialist? The right expert at the right time with the right guidance can prevent liability claims and losses. And that’s what we do.

The Bottom Line

In a recent third-party survey of our carrier clients, all respondents indicated that what they need most out of a risk services provider is responsiveness and expertise — 100% of those surveyed agreed that OmniSure provides all that they need. A high percentage of our clients also say that our services are “extremely valuable” and describe those services as intelligent, responsive, customer-centric, and accessible.

When it comes down to the bottom line and it’s renewal time, your policyholders remember the proactive assistance that helped them make the right decisions in a tough spot.


“I have worked with OmniSure on a number of my health care account customers over the years. OmniSure has been able to address their needs and achieve the desired results without exception.”
Paul Vescio, AIG

Our experience with OmniSure has been a very beneficial partnership, not only to ourselves but also to our broker partners and our insured hospitals.  All three parties have viewed the services offered by OmniSure as a great value-added feature to our insurance products.
Alan Gossard, Assistant Vice President, a Berkley Company

“Risk Services has worked with OmniSure for over a decade now on multiple Risk Retention Groups insuring the professional and general liability exposures of their long-term care facility members. These programs have enjoyed long term success due in large part to how the underwriting committees, claims committees, and risk management committees draw on the expertise of OmniSure to select, price, and write the best risks, to reduce and control losses, and to help advise on claims matters for the most favorable outcomes. OmniSure’s combination of clinical and insurance expertise is second to none.”
B. Troy Winch, CPA Vice President, Director of Captive Insurance


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