Benefits for Policyholders

Don’t get caught in unwanted litigation. OmniSure can help you proactively manage your risk by offering advice on demand for any situation. For over 20 years, we have helped guide healthcare and human service organizations to success. We work diligently with you to help your organization reduce risk, improve compliance, and provide the best care.

You’ll Gain Access to:

  • OnSight® and OffSight™ Risk Assessments
  • RiskFit® self-assessment tools and resources
  • RiskFit® certificates for potential risk management credit at renewal
  • Access to our third-party confidential helpline for advice-on-demand
  • Crisis guidance, training, consulting, and more

Confidential Helpline for Advice On-Demand

As an OmniSure client, you’ll get access to our helpline for confidential advice on-demand. Our specialists can guide you through the tough situations that can arise to help you avoid professional liability litigation.

What is RiskFit®?

RiskFit® is a suite of risk assessment tools that help you check your level of potential risk. With access to our proprietary RiskFit® platform, you’ll be able to take a self assessment, and use other risk reduction tools.


“OmniSure has consistently demonstrated an outstanding ability to utilize considerable risk management experience to assist clients in avoiding risk exposures where possible or minimizing the impact of losses when they occur.”Brian Hobbs, President, TCM

“Our consultant makes all the difference in our outcomes.  She is more than a ‘consultant’ to JFC.  The staff feel that she is a part of the team!”Sabrina Porter, President and CEO, Juliette Fowler Communities


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