At OmniSure, we understand that the path to better risk management starts with training. We offer a wide variety of training sessions that will give you and your team the tools to reduce future risk and improve overall operations. Our sessions are led by an array of experts across many medical fields, and we are committed to offering guidance in line with ever-changing regulations.

Training Topics

  • Clinical Care Plans & Documentation
  • Communication After an Adverse Outcome
  • Coordination of Care
  • Crisis Media Management
  • Emergency & Disaster Preparedness
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • HIPAA, RAC, Regulatory Compliance
  • And many more


“Onsite consultation, training was excellent, I’m extremely satisfied, service is extremely valuable and access to it is extremely important”
Marilyn Buchanan, Director, Roosevelt General Hospital

“OmniSure’s commitment to providing high standards in their loss control service and their wonderful staff have brought a better understanding of risk prevention to the group members.  Their onsite risk assessments and consultations have prevented and assisted in mitigating claims.”
Lynda Kane, Director, ESIS ProClaim


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